Congratulations! You're engaged!

Enjoy every moment, time goes by fast, especially when you are planning a wedding! 

As you start to make the big wedding decisions, take the time to talk to your fianc√© and find out what is most important to both of you.  

Once you have a good must have/have not list going, Katie of KRM Weddings should be one of the first vendors you contact.  

After an initial consultation, it will be determined if  Planning or Coordination will suit your needs best. 

What is the is difference?    

Wedding Coordination is best when you have done  the planning yourself, you have hired ALL your vendors, you have picked your colors, you know ALL the details and just need someone to put it all together for you.  

Wedding Planning is best if you either have or have not yet found your venue or confirmed all of your vendors.  You may have a general idea of what you want just not sure how it all comes together.  

There are different levels planning based on where you are at in the process.  

It takes a professional, dedicated team of vendors to ensure you have the wedding of your dreams.  KRM will lead that team and you will truly enjoy your entire wedding celebration, knowing that every detail is in capable hands.  

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